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As humans we crave for a life of greatness, a fulfilling and successful life yet for most of us success dribbles around us. We spend many of our years wrestling with our insecurities most especially financially. Many a people even believe that they can do better than they are doing at present and no wonder we are the best judges of what others do. The paradox is that we can only judge than do what others do because we long lost the script of success. Life has nothing to offer those whose time is wasted on judging others than putting themselves of the coals of fire to realise their dream. Life rewards sacrifice. It is those that take action on their dreams that get rewarded than those judging the actionated dreams of others.

It is necessary in life that you find out the purpose of your life. Ask yourself, is this all what life means? Am I living the purpose of my life? Is what I am doing indeed giving me a sense of meaning and purpose? It is not surprising therefore that many people do not live a life of purpose – they go to jobs they hate no wonder they always complain day in day in. They are like a square peg on a round hole. This disillusionment emanates from the fact that they did not in the first place took a conscious effort to find out what is it that they can do.

Les Brown was right, ‘your life is worthy finding out what is it that you can do. Most of us do not go to the next step because we do not know what to do.’

To live a fulfilling life, a successful life entails that we re-establish the foundations of our life. It is appropriate to shift your focus. We waste a lot of time focusing on things that do not matter then we wonder why we are failing to be successful. We hang around with people that long lost the ambition to do better then expect to rise on the ladder of life. That is impossible. You are the average of your best six friends. Shift your focus. Get in touch with people that will inspire you, challenge you. Be around people who made it a point in their life that anything is possible. These are people that have a positive mentality and can hardly take no for an answer.

Turn a deaf ear to people who all they can contribute is talk about how negative things are because they are born in the consciousness of the world, so says Les Brown. Does what you waste time commenting on on facebook really matter? How much time does your whatsapp consume as you are trying to impress people that you know things better, comments which they will only read and do nothing about? While you are wasting your time, people that are living their dream are reading books, listening to motivation and leadership audios and attending conferences to sharpen their minds. Your friends are busy investing in themselves. Shift your focus, be disciplined. What percentage of the phones you make are useful and add value to your life? What stories do you talk with friends? What drives you forward?

More than often times we are unable to shift our focus because of fear. We have an inherent perception that we cannot achieve the ideas we conceive. We fear because we want to walk on the path that everyone is walking on. But that is not your dream. People that achieve do not fear to walk their own paths. Whatever idea you have, focus on it and you will achieve your dream. It would require discipline, a change in the way you live. You will encounter new fights in life, never run away, get in the midst of them. That is where your greatness lies. Tony Robbins well says: ‘if you want to change your life, change your focus first.’

Look at the purpose of your life, look at what can take you to greatness and fear not to travel on the downtrodden path to realise your dream. Face fear head on till it retreats. Obstacles are not there to be escaped but to be conquered. Conquer fear first then you will realise your dream

Fear kills dreams, so says Les Brown. Fear kills hope. Fear can hold you from doing something that you know that you are capable of doing it. Fear can paralyse you. But the million dollars question is: what is the benefit of allowing fear to hold you back?

Find the purpose of your life then shift your focus to live the purpose. There is no formula to success than that.

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